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Make up Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Do you ever feel like you've not enough time for self care?

There's so many things that have to be done first, right? 

Well, we believe self-care deserves to be on the have-to- do list as well.

So we show you how to find those pockets of time that you can reclaim FOR YOU!


Take cleaning makeup brushes for example.

Don't you think it takes up way too much time? So much time that it kinda puts you off cleaning your brushes as often as you should?


... and if you don't dry them completely, which is nearly impossible by hand, the bacteria multiplies and you think you have a clean brush but really you're spreading a bacteria breeding ground all over your face every morning and wondering why you're having breakouts, blackheads and skin irritation.


If we're being honest, it puts you off cleaning brushes as often as they should be, doesn't it?

If you know us already, you'll know there's no judgement here because either we've all been there or we could be there one day. So we'll go first, we were totally guilty of not cleaning our brushes often and we certainly spent time with some self-critical thoughts of how we should be cleaning them more often, but didn't.


... when we tried this makeup brush cleaner and we discovered this little guy saved us precious time and was better for our skin too. We knew it had to go in the Malolo shop.

The added bonus that we didn't expect... it's fun!

Cleaning makeup brushes is now fun, seriously.

 In just 10 seconds your brush will be clean and dry and fluffy. 

  • 5 second spin in the water will clean your brush 
  • 5 second spin out of the water will dry the brush

What would you do with that extra time for yourself?

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jennifer B.
Really pleased

The cleaner really does work as well as the other reviews say

Zoe McKenna
If you love your makeup brushes, get one of these!!!!!

I love this so much. I actually WANT to clean my brushes now. I love how beautiful they look after.

Dominic Doherty

I bought it again as a present.Very good!

Harper Holmes

Love love love it, brushes clean and dry sooo fast

Shannon Koss

So easy to use and so satisfying to use!!! Love seeing my makeup brushes release the dirt and makeup!!! I love that my brushes are clean touching my face. I feel like my skin will benefit from cleaner brushes. This is a great product.