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How To Get More Me Time

How To Get More Me Time

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? 

Are you busy being the person who works hard; looks after children or other family, keeps the boss happy, spends precious time on house work and other commitments too?
It is no wonder it's a struggle to find time for yourself. If this sounds like you, you're not alone. 
It can be tough to find time in today's demanding world but enjoying Me-Time helps you stay healthy and happy. 
In this article, we'll discuss:
  • What Me-Time is
  • What it is not
  • The Importance
  • What happens if you don't get enough
  • Actionable tips and ideas  

What Exactly Is Me-Time?  

It's a time to relax and do whatever you want free from obligations and distractions.
It is time spent nourishing yourself, both body and mind. Choose activities simply because they bring you joy.

What Is Not Counted As Me-Time?   


It is definitely NOT about:
  • being productive
  • checking off your to-do list
  • working towards an achievement or goal
  • doing what someone else thinks you 'should' do
Some people worry it's selfish to take time for oneself. So it goes to the bottom of their list. Usually with the best intentions to 'spoil' themselves later. 
You do not have to 'earn' it.
You deserve time to yourself to do what makes you happy.
We all do!
It is essential for health and happiness. 

A Word On The Importance Of Me-Time

It's important because it allows you to recharge and rejuvenate. It's a time to relax and forget your troubles, so you can come back refreshed and ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.
Me-time is a type of self-care and taking care of yourself is important.
You spend so much time:
  • taking care of others; family, friends...
  • fulfilling work commitments
  • helping kids with school
  • putting food on the table
  • keeping your house clean and tidy
  • and secure & maintained DIY-wise
  • keeping social engagements
    With all these demands (maybe more) in any given week, are your needs even on your to-do list?
    Taking time for yourself is essential to shift your focus back to yourself. It doesn't have to take lots of time, effort or money either. 

    If You Need Help Making Me-Time Easier

    This is why Malolo Self Care exists, to make it easy for you. We are the one-stop shop for all your self-care needs.  
    We have real-life solutions that fit easily into your life whether: 
    • you have zero time
    • lots of time
    • a bit of time time 
    • you want little solutions that add up to big results over time
    • or you want to invest in gadgets to save you lots of time straight away

    The Challenges

    To focus on what your body & mind need, will mean learning to ignore the excuses your brain will throw at you. "I don't have time for that" or "I can't afford expensive treats" or a list of what you "should" be doing.
    Remind yourself that Me-Time doesn't need to cost lots of time or money. 

    What Happens If You Don't Get Any Me-Time?

    You put yourself at risk for the following:
    • decreased energy levels
    • increased stress
    • sleep problems
    • job performance or schoolwork can suffer
    • your time with your family & friends could suffer too. 

    Why It Should Be A Priority

    You may think ignoring your Me-Time and continually putting others first, is what makes an amazing parent, spouse, friend, or employee. 
    I hope this article helps you see this point differently because neglecting Me-Time is more likely to diminish your abilities in these areas, not improve them.
    Taking time to treat yourself will help you feel rejuvenated and those around you will benefit also. 
    You'll be a good self-care role model for valuing your own needs as well as others. Kids are especially good at picking up on this. 
     Practicing this will help you to normalise self-care for everyone and make it a habit.

    How To Find More Time In Your Busy Schedule

    Here's some tips for when you're short on time: 
    • Use little 'pockets' of time wisely: Foot Spa Bombs are great when short on time but fancy a little pampering
    • Add self-care to things you do anyway. Listen to audiobooks when doing something you don't particularly enjoy and shower bombs really ramp up a normal shower.
    • Make time in your schedule for bigger Me-Time moments, same as you do for other appointments and obligations. If you don't make time, it will never happen. Block out time, and stick to it.
    • Say no to obligations that don't serve you. If something doesn't bring you happiness or fulfilment, say no, if possible. There's no need to overextend yourself just because you feel like you have to.
    • Simplify your life. Fewer obligations and distractions mean more time for you. Consider investing in a robot vacuum, slow cooker or air fryer, decluttering clothes and possessions, unsubscribing from unnecessary email lists,  etc.
    • Take a holiday - both mentally and physically. It's great to get away from it all and relax. If you can't take an actual holiday, consider a mental holiday instead, stay home for a few days, and do nothing but what you want. You could even be a tourist in your own town!
    • Find activities that work for you. Not everyone enjoys the same things. Some people find relaxation in reading, others in music, or being outdoors, etc.
    • Get a babysitter or other childcare, even if you’ve not got 'special' plans. Go for a long walk, sit in a cafe, go to the cinema, etc… – and just enjoy time to yourself

    The Power Of Mini-Moments

    If you find it hard to carve out blocks of time for yourself, then start small. 
    Notice opportunities for mini moments (remember this doesn't have to mean spending money). 
    Start to note down all the ways that you personally enjoy yourself. 
    This can seem silly and a bit selfish at first but I promise you it is not. 
    By becoming aware of a variety of ways you enjoy spending time, then you're better equipped to help yourself whenever you need a boost. 
    Unfortunately, when we need that boost most is when we are least able to decide what is best for us. It is easier to turn to unhealthy, 'quick fixes'.
    These may feel good in the short term, fooling you into thinking this is quality 'Me-Time' but they won't leave you feeling refreshed. 

    How To Make Your Own Me-Time Kit

    Start your list and keep adding to it. When you have it written down, it's ready whenever you need it.
    This list will constantly be updated so make sure you use a notebook you like using. If you have a beautiful notebook, then exploring what makes you feel amazing gets a whole lot more important and easier too. 
    You could include ideas for:
    • different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening)
    • different energy levels
    • different stress levels
    • different places (house, work, school, public transport...)
    • times when you're waiting (bus stop, when the kettle is boiling...)
    • busy times when you need a super quick, rejuvenating 'fix' 

    Why It Is Better To Use An Actual Notebook

    You could use a notes app on your phone, but the problem with this is your ideas get lost in the middle of your to-do lists. 
    If you need to scroll through to-do lists to find ideas for Me-Time moments, you are much more likely to put off taking time for yourself.
    Buying a notebook that you dedicate to your Self-Care will encourage you to fill those pages with ideas that suit you. 
    Writing on paper makes me think about my word choice more carefully. I love stationery, I want my notebooks to be filled with purposeful words. Also when I have written by hand, I seem to remember it better. 
    Taking charge of your long-term mental and physical health is important. 
    If you've been looking for a reason to buy a new notebook, consider this as your sign to go for it!
    These slimline notebooks are perfect because they can go everywhere. They fit into your handbag and are well-made so they can withstand their fair share of wear and tear and still look good. 
    Make notes whenever inspiration strikes. Did you see that person jogging with a smile on their face? Or did you hear how meditative crocheting is? Or do you remember that feeling of getting lost in a game and want to feel that again? Write them down and commit to trying them.
    As you practice list-making, it gets easier to notice more ideas to try. Enjoy the search for ideas as well as trying them out. 

    Here are some examples of quality time:

    • Exercise; like a brisk walk, a swim or moving your body to increase your heart rate
    • Eating healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner
    • A nice bath with bath bomb or salts or both
    • Get ready for bed (make-up off, teeth brushed) before you're too tired
    • Watch a movie
    • Create something (a proven mood-booster)
    • Spending time outside
    • Yoga and/or meditation. A 'body scan' is great when you don't have a spare moment. I do this regularly and always find tension to release
    • Talk to someone who helps you feel good
    • Visit a site or follow a social media account that boosts your mood 
    • Pamper yourself
    • Write a gratitude list and consider the things that matter most to you



    Pampering Treats at Home When You Have Less Than Half an Hour


    • Hate baths or simply lack time? Our Shower Bombs are the bath bomb for your shower
    • Mini pampering treat like Foot Spa Bombs are great when short on time too
    • Go outside... bonus points for green spaces or flowing water
    • Read a book you love and have read before (you know what happens so it is easier to stop)
    • Listen to an audiobook - it frees up your hands
    • Do a 'braindump'- Start with a simple sentence or even just a word then write your thoughts in a continuous stream
    • Self-massage (even just your feet for 5 minutes) is proven to release natural feel-good chemicals. Add a luxurious cream for an extra treat


    When you're short on time try these three steps to squeeze in some vital time for yourself.
    Step 1:  Start small by adding Me-Time moments to the things you do anyway, like listening to an audiobook while your hands are doing a monotonous but necessary task
    Step 2: Use a diary and find 'pockets' of free time in your day and fill them too.
    Step 3: Block out larger chunks of time & put it in your diary. Stick to your appointment with yourself.
    Some final thoughts on me-time:
    • It is vitally important to rest your body and mind
    • It's a time to relax and do what you want, without obligations or distractions
    • You deserve time for yourself
    • Say no to unnecessary time demands
    • Get a notebook you'll love to use and fill it with ideas
    • Remember you will need ideas for when you have less time/motivation 
    • Try new activities. You never know what might work for you
    • Put it in your diary and stick to your appointment with yourself
    Don't take my word for it, try it yourself and feel the benefit. 
    Don't forget, Me-Time is not selfish. It is extremely important, so make sure to schedule it in and stick to it.
    Best of luck. Visit the shop now and stock up on your treats so you will have them ready whenever you need them.
    Take care of yourself
    Helen x
    PS If you'd like to know how to get the most out of your own self care routine, sign up for the newsletter and you will get tips and tricks straight into your inbox. 

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